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  • 01. How do I contact the Mayor?

    Please call City Hall at (606) 666-7069 during normal business hours.

  • 02. How does someone become a Jackson General?

    Please contact the Office of the Mayor at (606) 666-7069 for eligibility.

  • 03. How do I report a water leak?

    Please call Waterworks Billing Office at (606) 666-2056 during normal business hours. If outside of normal business hours, please contact the Jackson Police Department at (606) 666-2424 to report major waterline breaks.

  • 04. I have a complaint. Who do I talk to about my concerns?

    Depending on the type of complaint, your complaint may be better handled by a specific department head. If you are unsure who to contact, please call us at City Hall at (606) 666-7069.

  • 05. How do I register to pay my water bill online?

    For first time visitors, visit Next, after reading the terms of service, click "I Accept". Below the "User Name" box, click "Consumer Registration". You will be required to complete all requested fields before registration is complete. Please note, your email address will be your login ID. To help ensure delivery of your registration email, please add "" to your email address book or Safe Senders list.

    If you require further assistance, please contact the Waterworks Billing Office at (606) 666-2056 during normal business hours.

  • 06. How do I obtain a permit to host a special event downtown?

    Please call City Hall at (606) 666-7069.

  • 07. What is the Sanitation Service schedule?

    *Pick up begins at midnight

    Mon & Thurs Wednesday Tues & Fri
     Railroad Street / South Jackson  Dumpsters  All of Town
     Picnic Hill  (1 day pick up)  Lower Main Street
     Cherry Street    Sue Clair's Trailer Courts
     Lakeside    Hospital
     Panbowl    Brewer's Trailer Court
     Slone Trailer Park    King's Ridge
     Behind Rose Brother's Shopping Center    Mullins Trailer Court
     Around Block